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Nanco's Edmonton Magic
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Wednesday, September 10 2014

Over the past 3 years I have booked almost every Children's Birthday Magician in Edmonton.  When you performed for us last week, my jaw literally dropped.  It was the best show that I have ever far!!  You should be performing on TV or in Las Vegas!  It was so funny, the magic was mind blowing and the illusions just kept coming and coming.  We didn't want it to end.  I also loved how you got each and every child up to help with an illusion, and yoiu have a "gift" on the way you treat everyone.

Brayden plays with the rising wand 24/7 and still talks about you everyday; and now wants to become a Magican. I can't thank you enough for your professionalism and bringing my faith back that Edmonton is blessed with performers like you.

Sarah, Mark and Brayden

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Edmonton's Best Children's Magic Show

Nanco's Edmonton Magic