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Thursday, March 13 2014

"Dear Jeffrey, the Wizard of Magic:

Your performance at our office Children's Christmas party was absolutely spectacular. I cannot say enough good things about it. It was a pretty big crowd, with 50+ children ranging in age from newborn to 11 or 12, and another 50 or so adults, but you handled them all with ease and aplomb. The adults loved your pre-show mind-reading tricks, and the children were practically out of their minds with excitement from the show. (We have great pictures!) I received tons of feedback immediately after the show, as well as Monday morning at the office. We really appreciated your special efforts to make sure all the children of all ages could participate at an age-appropriate level. Thank you for a fantastic show, and we look forward to seeing you again next year - and every year."

Lily L.H. Nguyen


Field Law

Phone:   780-643-8766

Fax:     780-428-9329


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