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Nanco's Edmonton Magic
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 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Do you do the show at my home?
    Yes, I arrive a half hour prior to the performance to "set-up" as there are many magic props to get ready prior to the show. I can also perform in community halls, schools or any other place you are holding your event at.

  • Can the show be done outdoors?
    The best environment for magic is indoors, but yes, it can certainly be done outdoors. Weather can play havoc on many of the illusions, so if possible, try to have the show indoors and the children can play outside afterwards.

  • Should the children eat and open presents before the show?
    From experience, the best parties are when the children arrive, they need to "run around" for about a half hour. Typically that's when I set up and the kids get excited about the show. Cake and present openings work best just after the show.

  • What ages are best for your show?
    No matter what age, everybody likes magic. Each show is designed for the audience's age group, I have found that parents love the show as much as the kids do. The absolute best ages are between 3 and 10 years old.

  • What about your reliability?
    Your children's birthday is the most important event in the world to me. As a father of 3 children, I know first hand that they are only young once and reliabilty is so important. In business since 1978, I have never missed a show and I have a passion to put on "my best performance" each and every time.

  • Do you dress like a clown or anything?
    Oh no. Many children are actually scared of clowns. I dress very professional in a white shirt, tie, colourful sparkle vest and black pants.

  • Do you any other types of magic shows?
    Absolutely. My passion is Children's Birthday Parties, but for the same cost, I do schools, child care facilities, day homes,lounges, restauraunts, kindergartens,seniors complexes and especially love performing for those less fortunate.

  • How far ahead should I book?
    Typically, Saturday's and Sunday's book quite fast and early. Email is best for all enquiries. Please include the date you are considering and I will get back to you right away.

  • Tell me more about the Wizards Hats and Wands.
    These "Wizard Hats" are beautiful and the kids never want to take them off. A wonderful memory of the birthday party, especially at the low cost of $5.00 each. Add $5.00 if you would like a rising Magic Wand with the Wizards hat. This wand is extremely "Magical" and children WILL amaze and mystify other adults and children with it.

  • What time is best to "book" a magician for a party?
    Our experience shows its best to have the performance start a half hour after the children arrive. (That is when we arrive to "set-up" for the show. The show is about an hour long and the kids are so excited, happy and hungry and thristy which is a good time to feed them. Then cake, open presents and let them play for another half hour before the parents come pick them up. You will be amazed at how the kids go home talking to their parents at what they saw at the magic show your son or daughter had.

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